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Supporting Organizations


(SWP) Sun Wah Pearl Linux & Digital Forensics Limited is an advanced technology centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. SWP commenced with research & development, training & education in operating system in 2001. Since 2005, the centre is getting heavily involved in computer forensics technology. SWP holds Computer Information Forensics Investigator certification training and postgraduate education program of MSc Computer Forensics and MSc Computer Systems Security. Since 2005, SWP has been investing substantial resources in building and maintaining her own computer forensics laboratory. SWP makes use of the laboratory to conduct advanced technology research with commercial sectors and industries.

china business law journal

China Business Law Journal is a fully bilingual magazine for China-focused business and legal professionals. It investigates the practical implications of legal developments, identifies the optimal legal strategies for managing complex business transactions and provides expert-written digests and analysis of new laws and regulations. Intellectual property issues receive prominent coverage in the magazine. Our timely and incisive editorial content is uniquely designed to provide China's legal and business communities with need-to-know information that is not available from any other source. We operate and publish bilingually, in simplified Chinese and English, ensuring that foreign investors, domestic enterprises and their legal advisers have access to a common source of high quality legal information and analysis. China Business Law Journal is published 10 times a year by Vantage Asia. For more information, please visit www.cblj.com or www.vantageasia.com.


The Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association was established March 2003 as the pioneer association representing in-house lawyers in Hong Kong. The HKCCA provides an efficient and effective range of benefits and services for its members' professional development, including continuing legal education, a platform for networking and the exchange of ideas, information and experiences that are unique to the in-house role. It is  Hong Kong's only association of in-house counsel run for in-house counsel by in-house counsel. We pride ourselves in knowing what in-house counsel want to learn, to hear, to advocate and to participate in, and we believe we know how to organize activities to meet these needs.

We have more than 560 members employed by organizations across a range of industries. Approximately half are members through our highly successful corporate membership scheme which many leading companies have joined.

Our Key Objectives are:

  • To advance legal knowledge of in-house professionals through numerous (primarily CPD accredited) conferences, seminars and other events, and through publications.
  • To foster a dynamic community of professional in-house counsel by providing a platform for local and international networking with other in-house counsel, the exchange of ideas, resources and experiences unique to the in house role.
  • To promote in-house lawyers within the business and legal communities and to the general public.
  • To represent members before constituent law bodies and other forums by providing a unified voice for in-house lawyers.


Information Security and Forensics Society (ISFS) was established in May 2000. Our mission is to advocate and enforce professionalism, integrity and innovation in Information Security and Computer Forensics in Hong Kong and the surrounding region. Our goals are to regulate and standardize practice of information security and forensics professionals; to conduct examinations and act in such other manner as may be necessary to ascertain whether persons are qualified to be admitted to register as an information security and forensics professional; to promote public awareness; and to encourage study of information security and forensics by holding regular training courses and seminars.


The Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) is an international association of business and commercial lawyers who live in, or otherwise have a strong interest in, the Asia-Pacific Region. It was established in April 1991 at an organizing conference held in Tokyo attended by more than 500 lawyers from countries within the Asia-Pacific Region. Since then, it has grown to become a pre-eminent legal association in this Region, with membership drawn from throughout the world, and currently has over 1,300 members from over 60 national jurisdictions worldwide.


The HKIAC was officially founded in 1985 as a private, self-governing not-for-profit entity which it remains today.  The mission of the HKIAC is to serve as a regional and international hub for arbitration and to support the development, promotion and implementation of alternative dispute resolution within Hong Kong and abroad.  With its independent legal system, pro-enforcement judiciary, and a body of experienced legal and technical professionals outnumbering any jurisdiction in the region, Hong Kong benefits from a long-standing tradition of servicing parties engaging in alternative dispute resolution.  Also, with its fabled “East Meets West” history and special status, Hong Kong has also emerged as a favorite compromise for the resolution of Chinese-foreign business disputes.


CQrecruit is a new and innovative online recruitment portal catering to the legal profession across Asia-Pacific, carrying a wide selection of exciting opportunities from law firms and in-house corporate employers. CQrecruit has vacancies for lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries and other professional support staff such as H.R., finance, I.T and business development. The site is free to use for job seekers who can apply directly to the hiring employers without the need to involve third party recruiters, reducing the time involved in the hiring process.


Computerworld Hong Kong reaches the territory's 40,000 IT professionals--the key decision makers and infuencers in one of Asia's largest IT hubs. 

Delivered monthly through print and daily through electronic channels, Computerworld Hong Kong covers a wide range of industries and assures your reach to the heart of HK business: system integrators, government, carriers, telecom operators, manufacturing, finance and logistics, retail and manufacturing. 

Through its magazine, website, newsletters, supplements and events, Computerworld Hong Kong brings the latest technology news and trends to its readers and is clearly Hong Kong's source of IT insight.


The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management (ICRM) provides the best business crisis and risk management solutions for customers. A group of academics, professionals, and specialists acted together to assist in sustaining the competitive edge and grabbing hold of potential business opportunities on the road to success. We help customers in responding and recovering from uncertainties in business nowadays. The ICRM also serves the community best by offering the consulting services and the professional accreditation and certification of "Certified Risk Planner" (CRP), and "Certified Crisis Consultant" (CCC), and “Certified Professional Mediator” (CPM) for serving business needs of the executives, professionals, and practitioners.