Discussion and Solution Focus for 2013:
Information governance / Data Analytics in Law & Compliance /
Cloud Challenge / Social Media Data Privacy / Forensic Investigation

20th June 2013


“Better safe than sorry”

Investigations & Data Retention Strategies
Not all cases are related to fraud. Carried our internal investigation can be sensitive. eDiscovery tools can also be used as an annual corporate fraud or corruption prevention audit. This session will explores

  • How to solve suspicious  cases internally or working closely with expert investigators that have eDiscovery experience to simplifies the process of collecting vast amounts of paper and electronically stored information during internal investigations.
  • Implement policies that regulate the production of ESI

Steve Couling, Director of International Sales, kCura
Alex Scott, Fraud Risk Director at Philips
Helen Tong, Senior Investigation Manager, Coca-Cola
Brian G. Burke, Counsel, Shearman & Sterling


Information Governance

A) The convergence of eDiscovery and information governance
Join our session on the convergence of eDiscovery and information governance looking at the past, present and the future.

  • How will eDiscovery practice change to focus on information governance in the next 5 years?
  • What will clients expect from their in-house counsel, law firms and litigation support partners? 
  • What role does technology play in advancing information governance within your organisation?
  • How can legal professionals lead their clients and colleagues to the best outcomes?

Henry Tsui, Meiya Pico

B) How to build your information governance (IG) business case
Our expert panel will discuss practical steps, tips and tools for people to build a compelling business case to kick-start or accelerate IG initiatives within your organization including:

  • Reviewing information governance trigger events
  • Lifting IG IQ about the cost and value of unstructured data
  • Selling IG to other stakeholders
  • Early wins that get people on the same page

Jason Velasco, CEO, eDJ Group


Tea Breaks


The Chinese legal system and The Collection of Data in China

This session will explore what it required to navigate the unique aspects of the eDiscovery system in China from both a data protection and a regulatory perspective.

Among other topics, the panelists will examine the China state secrets law, data privacy laws, and archives law , including how these Chinese legal sources affect the e-discovery process in any litigation or investigation involving collection of data in China

Richard Kershaw, Managing Director FTI Technology
Michael W. Vella, Partner, Jones Day

12.00-13.00 Networking Lunch (Invitation only)


Anti-Corruption, Risk and Compliance: Online Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Do you consider yourself a regulatory policy expert?
  • When regulators, lawyers or auditors come to call, what matters most is how to extract up-to-date relevant data, are you prepare?
  • UK Bribery Act, FCPA, Anti-money laundering, KYC, Due Diligence: How do you track it all?

With these rules, information and changes afoot, your company must ensure that all relevant information remains compliant and accessible, As you review your archiving strategy, ask yourself:

  • Does your firm’s archived data comply with upcoming changes to privacy, disclosure and data-breach laws require in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions?
  • If your company had to fulfil an audit or legal discovery request, could you demonstrate a continuous chain of custody throughout the entire process, what about offsite facility?

This session is highly recommended for legal, Compliance and IT team

Paul Taylor, Managing Director, Consilio – A First Advantage Company
Maggie Qiu, APAC Regional Program Manager of Global Financial Crimes, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Alex Scott, Fraud Risk Director at Philips


Breakout 1  (In-house Focus)

Breakout for In-house lawyers, Compliance and Information security: Litigation, regulatory inquiries and internal investigations – What to do? And how you should proceed

  • Best Practices of Legal Hold Management
  • Identification during eDiscovery project
  • Information Management Strategies

This session is highly recommended for legal, Compliance and IT team.

Alan Watkins, Clearwell Systems

Tea breaks


Breakout 2 (Management Focus)

Effective Management of Cross-Border and Complex Discovery The increasingly common need for cross-border discovery forces parties to understand not only the complexities of multiple data sources and formats, but also the differing demands of various regions of the world. These requirements may include unique procedural rules for litigation, time-sensitive compliance issues and even security concerns. Our panelists will share their firsthand account of lessons learned and case studies on how to manage cross-border and complex discovery effectively.

  • The challenges and pitfalls of cross-border discovery
  • What technologies and processes have the greatest impact
  • How and when to leverage outsourcing versus an internal resource

Simon Whitburn, International Sales Director, Accessdata
Kate Paslin, Associate General Counsel, Accessdata
Michael Lew, Director, Head of Digital Forensics & eDiscovery Stone Forest


Breakout 3 (IP Focus)

Navigating the Complexities of E-Discovery in Patent Litigation 

Patent cases usually involve large volumes of electronically stored information (ESI) and a patent case can derive from several areas within a particular company.

The process of obtaining a patent requires companies to produce and maintain large amounts of data. Additionally, discoverable ESI related to a patent may stretch back many years or subject to previous lawsuits. n many instances, in-house lawyers must not only sift through the dense technical documentation generated by a company’s engineering or manufacturing team, but also review material produced by the other divisions.

This session, the panellist will discuss how to streamline ESI production, best practices to work with other division and reduce the cost of eDiscovery

Kate Chan, Director, Kroll Ontrack
Jay Chiu, Head IP and Litigation, Asia, Goodwin Procter


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