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"Learn and Dine"- The management series
5pm-10pm  |  29thApril 2014 | Hong Kong Conrad Hotel

This is an invitation only session for General Counsel, CFO, CIO and CEO

Judiciary Panel - eDiscovery Readiness and Practice Direction

(M) Menachem Hasofer, Partner, Mayer Brown JSM
Mr. Yeung Zee Kin, CIO and Senior Register, Singapore Supreme Court
Mr. LUNG Kim-wan, Deputy Registrars, High Court
Mr. Judge David Harvey, New Zealand District Court
Mr. Stephen Yu, VP - Information Management Services, AlixPartners

Dinner Served

Legal Big Data – The C-suite series

In Asia CEO, CFO and General Counsel do not think much about electronic discovery until they face serious litigation, investigation and enquiries of regulators. But there are ways for C-suite to avoid the substantial costs and risks from “eDiscovery” before you get hit with lawsuit-related fishing expeditions – and after you get served.

Below panellist will discussed how C-suite should respond and better prepared if litigation or arbitration arises.

Laura Kibbe, Senior Vice President, Epiq Systems eDiscovery
Menachem Hasofer, Partner, Mayer Brown JSM
Sophia Yap, Deputy Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Global, CBRE
Raymond Goh, Vice President - IBD Legal, Barclays
Jonathan Witts, Head of Litigation at BNP Paribas

30th April 2014

Room A
eDiscovery & Legal Big Data for in-house

Room B
Arbitration, Investigation and Big data for law firms

Room C
Information Governance, Forensic Investigation & Cybercrime

In-house Legal and Compliance Big Data:

The emergence of ‘Legal Big Data’ means that businesses now expect greater understanding from the consolidation of all of those sources of ESI including when responding to a dispute, investigation or regulatory review.

This session, a line-up of panellist will walk you through the process of legal hold management, the ERDM Process and why Big Data’s could be a problem for privacy

Patrick K. Strong, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting
Chris Dale, eDisclosure Information Project
Denis Brock, Partner, King & Wood Mallesons
Raymond Goh, Vice President - IBD Legal, Barclays

Legal Technology - The new breed of attorneys.

The increased use of technology in the law has created Legal and technology savvy lawyers and required law firm partner and support staff to become proficient at an ever-increasing array of various legal technologies. This session will examining the following topics:

  • What are the benefits of big data for courts or law firms?
  • How can big data help overcome common court procedural issues such as overburdening, delays and costs?
  • How to deal with sensitive data from trials?
  • What are the implications of big data for the legal practice?

Many questions remain and although it is a new practice for this industry there are some great examples. Let’s dive deeper into these topics.

Paul Taylor, Managing Director, Consilio
Loren Harper, Head of Practice Support, Simmons and Simmons

Big Data Challenges for Cyber Security

Join Nuix session to hear best practices on:

  • Confidential Information Leaks
  • Encrypted/Deleted/Hidden Files
  • Evidence Tampering.
Stuart Clarke, Director of Investigation Services, Nuix

China Legal Big Data
10.00 am-11.00am

  • Collecting Evidence from China in US-Based Litigation
  • Collecting Digital information abroad in regulated and un-regulated matters
  • Examining China and the United States legal discovery, and Procedure
  • Preparation for US-China Litigation

Kate Chan, Regional Managing Director Legal Technologies, Asia Pacific, Kroll Ontrack
Philip Rohlik, Counsel, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

Audio Discovery: Hear What You’ve Been Missing
10.00 am-11.00am

Trading floor recordings, voicemail records, digital conferencing and other audio files are increasingly common. This has resulted in a significant expansion of audio discovery. But relying on manual transcription and human listening for audio discovery can be slow, costly and ultimately ineffective for the verbal statements critical to your matter. 

Audio evidence, like documentary evidence, can be pivotal to a legal case and a failure to deal with this evidence effectively and efficiently can leave businesses open to judicial criticism, damaging publicity and searing fines from regulators. But the technologies available to deal with audio evidence are evolving rapidly.

Whether you are responding to:

  • a regulatory request,
  • a discovery demand, or
  • an internal investigation,

You need to know your options when dealing with audio evidence. In this panel presentation, experts discuss best practices in overcoming the challenges involved in searching and reviewing audio content and provide a live demonstration of audio searching technology.

Nick Rich, Lead Solutions Adviser, Epiq Systems
Celeste Kemper, Director, Document Review Services, Asia, Epiq Systems

E-Discovery and Information Governance – What’s the Difference?
10.00 am-11.00am

In the traditional definition, e-Discovery typically refers to the process of identifying electronically stored information, which must be provided as part of civil litigation or some other legal procedure.  However, over the past couple of years, e-Discovery has been expanding to cover the process of identifying all electronically stored information in an organization. You need to know what information you have, how it is used, what value it provides to the organization, so that the organization can understand what it needs to keep, for how long it needs to keep it, and what can be disposed of.

This presentation will focus on the best practices of deploying information governance including how an organization identifies proper retention controls, storage hierarchy migration criteria, meta-data capture, security, privacy, and access rights.

Covered Topics:

  • The impact of information governance on e-Discovery and legal teams.
  • The business drivers and challenges of defining and enforcing information governance policy across disparate content repositories (cloud-based, on-premise, physical).
  • How to ensure “defensible” controls are in place to prevent spoliation and some recent examples highlighting the importance of the “defensible” part of defensible disposition.

Tamir Sigal, Vice President of Marketing , RSD Information Governance Solutions.

Information Governance Panel Discussion

Panel Title: Myths and Realities

This panel will include information governance and e-Discovery experts to discuss the following topics:

  • Accelerating information governance initiatives by transforming an existing e-Discovery project into information governance program.
  • Understanding the impact of multiple jurisdictions on an information governance program.
  • Selling information governance to other stakeholders including IT, compliance, and the business.

Tamir Sigal, Vice President of Marketing, RSD Information Governance Solutions
Barclay T. Blair, Principal, ViaLumina
Micky Lo, Head of Information Risk Management APAC, Bank of New York Mellon

Networking Break

Transparent Predictive Coding – The Magic Bullet of Document Identification
11.30am- 12.15pm

Using technology to assist in processes such as:

  • due diligence
  • identifying relevant documents and issues in a court proceeding
  • locating lost documents including emails is not only cost effective, but in some cases can be more effective than a human review.

Newer sophisticated technologies designed to automate or help prioritise the document review and categorisation process are proving extremely effective and now being used by Courts overseas.

This session will discuss one of the technologies available to in-house counsel to help them manage their workload including:

  • a practical demonstration of new “transparent predictive coding” technology
  • a case study where the technology uncovered relevant issues and documents that changed the course of a litigation.

Alan Watkins, Business Development Manager - eDiscovery, Symantec
Craig Macaulay, Executive Director, Korda Mentha

Arbitration and eDisclosure

Hong Kong, Mainland China and Singapore are regional hubs for arbitration and ADR. Even with limits on disclosure, electronic documents are often crucial evidence in commercial arbitration cases. It may be necessary to bridge the cultural divide amongst the parties or even between them and the Tribunal. In this session, the panellists will consider how arbitral institutions are engaging with eDisclosure, share best practices in effectively managing disclosure in an international commercial arbitration setting, and identify emerging issues and challenges.

Menachem Hasofer, Partner, Mayer Brown JSM
Dmitri Hubbard, Regional Director, Legal Services Consulting, Asia Pacific, Control Risks

CIO Series : IT Governance and Information Intelligence

Between IT-related laws and governance regulations, CIO today deals with more legal issues than ever before. These issues include compliance regulations, privacy rules and data protection.

This session, focus on IT governance best practices in data overload world.

Kerri Le, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, Symantec

Room A
Room C

Symantec Case Studies Luncheon  

This session Symantec will showcase a number of Case Studies, Outlining the benefits of bringing eDiscovery Solutions in house and (Customers or) Law Firms using Current Technologies to achieve a better outcome

Alan Watkins, Business Development Manager - eDiscovery, Symantec
Craig Macaulay, Executive Director, Korda Mentha

Relativity Luncheon session: What’s Shaping e-Discovery in 2014?

The session will cover five key trends in e-Discovery from the perspectives of a global law firm and a leading e-discovery software company.

  1. Growing amounts of data
  2. Greater adoption of text analytics
  3. Doing more with your e-Discovery software - beyond review
  4. Flexible deployment options
  5. Rising expectations of end users

Loren Harper, Head of Practice Support , Simmons and Simmons
Steve Couling, Director of International Sales, kCura - developers of Relativity

Room A
eDiscovery Roundtables


Room B
Seminar for Company Secretary, COO & CFO


Room C
eDiscovery Software and Forensic Investigation


Information Governance Roundtable Round Table (ONLY 20 SEATS)

  • Driving an Information Governance Program.
  • Are you in the beginning stages of putting together an information governance program?  
  • Do you hear the term information governance and not exactly sure what it means?  

With information as the lifeblood of your business, information governance highlights the importance of corporate executive related matters - risk, compliance, operational efficiencies and information value.  With the rise of litigation costs and eDiscovery challenges, information governance is now a top priority for organizations and chief executives. Learn from industry experts about embarking on an information governance program and how to go about driving the initiative in your organization as well as best practices rolling out the plan across the organization.

Facilitated by
Barclay T. Blair, Principal, ViaLumina
Tamir Sigal, Vice President of Marketing, RSD Information Governance Solutions


Conducting Investigation and collecting Data for Cross Border Cases

Data does not recognise borders. However regulations are traditionally tied to specific jurisdictional boundaries, may conflict between countries and generally lag the advances in information technology.

This creates a tension for organisations that operate globally and are subject to regulatory scrutiny in multiple countries.

This session will focus on China, US, Singapore and India.

Kate Chan, Regional Managing Director Legal Technologies, Asia Pacific, Kroll Ontrack
Gary Shek, Director of Business Development and Operations, APAC,  Nikec Solution
Andrew Dale, Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Using Software to Manage Big Data

Learn how using e-discovery software can cut down on the time and costs involved in managing growing amounts of electronic data.  Using case studies, this session will focus on the holistic e-discovery process and general best practices for effectively managing your data.

Steve Couling, Director of International Sales, kCura - developers of Relativity

Networking Break

The trifecta of e-discovery pitfalls for high-tech industry: high volume, trade secrets, and sensitive informations

Amanda Beattie, Senior Associate, King & Wood
Patrick K. Strong, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting
Chris Dale, eDisclosure Information Project


Due Diligence: Knowing what to know - managing external risk by maximising your information sources

Attendees of this session will gain a deeper insight of how to manage external risk by maximising information sources. The presenter will give a practical guide of how to conduct good due diligence, the challenges many clients face when conducting their own research, and go through some case studies. The session will discuss why it has become essential for organisations to apply a greater level of scrutiny to potential business relationships and the risks that need to be highlighted.

Dean Ward, Head of Enhanced Due Diligence, Thomson Reuters

Investigation Fundamentals with Nuix 5.2

During this session attendees will be exposed to Nuix 5.2, showcasing various features to aid in the examination of digital forensic artefacts and new technology to aid in analysis and representation of data found in various exhibits processed within the forensic tool. 

Attendees will gain knowledge of using Nuix to analyse collections from a variety of sources and workflows to cull through large amounts of ingested data in a timely manner.

The session will give detailed explanation of case processing options, keyword searching, visualization, geo-tag analysis and concluding with data export options and case reporting. Participants who are unfamiliar with the Nuix technology will quickly be exposed to advanced processing techniques not available in similar products.

Proposed Speaker:
Ken Inocencio, Senior Solutions Manager - APAC, Nuix

Advanced Analysis and Technology Assisted Review4.30pm-5.30pm

As data volumes increase, along with the need for fast and efficient eDiscovery responses, the use of proven technology can greatly increase your chances for success.  AlixPartners will demonstrate various analytical tools and processes that help you to more quickly find the most important documents in your matter.

Stephen Yu, VP - Information Management Services, AlixPartners

Grand Finale: The Hong Kong Practice Direction and Litigation best practices Roundtable

Celeste Kemper, Director, Document Review Services, Asia, Epiq Systems
Mr. LUNG Kim-wan, Deputy Registrars, High Court
Dominic Wai, Partner Baker Mckenzie
Chris Dale, eDisclosure Information Project


Networking Cocktails



Conrad Hong Kong
Pacific Place, 88 Queensway

29th-30th April 2014

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